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Wheel Thrown Decorative Ceramic Bowl in Stoneware

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Charming ornamental bowl with great value for your money! Decorated with cherry blossoms against a pink background, it will make your home even more unique. This bowl is one of our bestselling products in our store and it is owing to the fact that not only is it very decorative, but also very functional; can be used for keys, jewellery, olives, nuts, dip sauces, you name it.

Hand thrown on the potter´s wheel with great skill; the walls of the bowl are rather thin and in combination with the small foot you have a really elegant piece. Although elegant, you can of course use it in the microwave & dishwasher. 


Height  5 cm
Diameter at top 18 cm
Made From High-fire stoneware clay, ceramic colour stains, transparent glaze
Dishwasher & microwave safe  
Made on the potter's wheel and decorated by hand Since 100 % handcrafted, there might be slight irregularities and variations from item to item. The photo is as accurate as possible as for the colours.