We offer unique ceramics which requires a personalised order process


You will not be able to make your payment during checkout on this website. We have not linked our site to third- party payment gateways.

After completing your order you will instead receive an e-mail informing you of the total amount to pay with the shipping cost included.

The reasons for this are:

-we need to thoroughly calculate the shipping fee for sending the ceramics safely to your home country

-we might not currently have what you order in stock in our shop in Madeira Island and we therefore need to inform you of the expected production/ delivery time

However, we promise to get back to you on your registered e-mail address as soon as possible and then we will:

-inform you of the total cost for the ceramics and the shipping

-confirm if your ordered items are in stock or not. If not, we will inform you of the expected production/ delivery time.

-inform you of the payment details

If you, when receiving our e-mail, do not accept the terms we present, you can of course at this point cancel your order by responding back to us.

For more info on shipping, please see Shipping Info