Our Pledge to Earth



As we see it, the ceramics we create would not be beautiful if it was made at the expense of Nature.

When we started our business in 2017 we decided that our production would always remain on a small scale, so that we would never lose control of any step in the production and the possible environmental consequences. In many ways, our pottery is reminiscent of a time when many companies in a community were run by a family of craftsmen (or women, in this case). If it was possible we would turn back the clock to a greener time when companies only produced “just enough” in terms of quantity and those things were all the more special… That is why we have decided to make ceramics that cannot be made at an assembly line in a big factory.

We pledge to do our very best to always minimise damage to the soil, pollution to the air, rivers and sea.

This means;

-not wasting any raw material just because they are “leftovers”; for example, when using the potter’s wheel we end up with a substantial amount of bits and pieces of clay. This clay is fully recycled into new clay which is used again, and again.

-not letting any micro sized particles from colour stains or glaze materials travel out into the public water supply system; when we wash work tools like brushes and buckets the micro sized particles are collected in our internal filtering system.

 -not using our electrical kiln for firing ceramics until it is absolutely full. Our kiln was custom built for our production and is energy efficient, using much less electricity than you could imagine.

-not using any more plastic based packing material than necessary when shipping off our ceramics to you.

-trying our best to only collaborate with suppliers of materials and services who share the same policy.

When you acquire a piece from our pottery rest assured it was made with true love for our beautiful planet!