Production Process

Things we cherish can last through generations if well-made and need not be discarded of just because time passes. That is why we have chosen to work with the ceramic material called high fired stoneware which, as the name indicates, is very resistant.
All our pieces are 100% molded by hand, either using the potter´s wheel or slab techniques.
All our decorations are 100% made by hand using old- fashioned brush techniques to apply engobes mixed with ceramic colouring stains.
The transparent glaze we use to “seal” the paintings and the ceramic body is made from a formula that respect the user´s health.
The ceramic pieces are fired to a temperature of 1240 °C in the kiln, which contributes to high quality goods that are suitable for everyday usage. Having been fired to very high temperatures, stoneware constitutes a solid, non-porous material that is virtually impermeable to water. As such the glaze surface will not produce any crazing and is therefore hygienic.

Product Care

Our ceramic tableware can be used in the microwave and in the dishwasher. We promise you that the lovely decorations will not disappear in the dishes (the decorations are sealed under the glaze!).

When in the microwave, the ceramic item might become slightly warm to the touch.
The items especially marked as “oven dishes” can be used in the oven without cracking.