Terms & Conditions

Terms of Service

All products sold through this website originate from the brand name Lillie Ceramics, a private limited liability company registered in Portugal according to the following:

Lillie Ceramics Lda, Rua Latino Coelho 39, 9060-155 Funchal, Madeira Island

Corporate fiscal number/ VAT: 514308460

Our Terms of Service are written in accordance with Portuguese Law and the Consumer Rights Directive 2011/83/EU, by the European Parliament and Council


By placing an order at www.lillieceramics.com you guarantee that:

-you are over 18 years of age

-you do not use somebody else´s identity to commit fraude

-you as private person is the end consumer (for inquiries about commercial resales, please contact us)


Lillie Ceramics guarantees that all products sold through this website are:

-100% made by hand, using designs that are authentic and original to the brand

-validated with the signature mark of the brand

-100% unique and exclusive in their own right since being individually shaped and painted, without employing serial production techniques or using decals or transfers. No piece is completely identical to another

 -correctly described in the shop in regards to colour, size, shape, use and quality


The prices of all products sold through this website are presented in Euros (€) and, where applicable, include VAT at the legal rate in force in Portugal at the time of order. The prices do not include any shipping fees at any step in the order process or during the check-out. Shipping fees will be presented to you after check-out (see below, section order processing).


All orders made through this website are handled manually meaning that:

-you are not given the option to make the payment during check-out, but you are asked to await further information

-you will after check-out receive confirmation to your e-mail with information about product availability, shipping fees, methods of payment, details for transaction and total amount to pay

-you are asked to respond back with your acceptance of conditions for delivery and shipping fees


You are totally free to cancel the order free of charge if you do not agree with conditions for delivery and/or shipping fees (see previous section, order processing).


Because Lillie Ceramics employs 100% manual production, we cannot guarantee that all products sold through this website are currently in stock and readily available for shipping. We can however guarantee that:

-we will, with your consent, manufacture the product as soon as possible

-you will be clearly informed about the expected production/delivery time


If your ordered product is currently out of stock, or if you order a customized product, and you give your consent to await new production, we can only guarantee completion of the product within reasonable time. This timeframe depends on:

-the amount of products you order

-the complexity of the products you order

-whether the products you order are customized

The ceramic production process involves many steps from start to completion and the absolute minimum time required is 21 consecutive days.


Lillie Ceramics currently offers the following payment methods: PayPal and Bank Transfer

During transaction, you are responsible for making sure the right amount in Euros (€) is transferred.

After payment confirmation a receipt is emitted and sent to your e-mail. A receipt is also emitted on paper inside the package on delivery.

Lillie Ceramics chooses to not enable automated payment in cooperation with third-party service providers via this website and we are therefore not responsible for any problems when you make your payment transaction.


Products sold through this website are delivered with our courier service of choice, DHL Express (*).

Wherever your country of residence, delivery with DHL Express depends on:

-that you correctly specify the address at check-out (this address can either be residential or commercial, that is your place of work).

-that you provide information on your mobile phone or landline number.

(*) Occasionally products are delivered with the courier service CTT Portugal.

The courier service guarantees as swift and safe a delivery as possible, and you receive the tracking number so that you can follow the route via the courier`s website.

Lillie Ceramics guarantees that the contents are adequately packed and that they are in perfect condition at arrival on your address.


The amount for the shipping fees is calculated manually after check-out (see section Order Processing) and informed to you in a separate confirmation to your e-mail. The amount depends on:

-weight and volume of the package

-the courier service of choice, DHL Express or CTT Portugal, and their pricelist

-destination country (all countries belong to certain shipping zones set up by the courier)

Lillie Ceramics guarantees to always employ the most beneficial courier service.

Lillie Ceramics is not responsible for any possible import taxes charged on ceramic goods entering countries outside of the European Union or zones within Europe excluded from VAT rules. Please check with the customs in your country/ place of residence.


Because of the substantial work invested into each product sold through this website, Lillie Ceramics guarantees to always do the utmost to avoid any damage during transport by using excellent packing methods. In the unfortunate event that the product is still damaged on delivery, a new undamaged product will be sent to you free of charge at the earliest possible date.

According to governing Consumer Rights Directives, a delivered product can be returned within 15 days from reception in case the product for some unforeseen or unexpected reason does not meet your expectations. In this case you are asked to repack the product in the original box with the original “cushioning” materials (bubble wrap and similar) and in a manner that ensures safe transport back to Lillie Ceramics. Refunding of total amount in Euros (€) is made to you when the package is confirmed as safely returned.


Lillie Ceramics guarantees that all products sold through this website are manufactured according to the highest standards of quality. After completion, each product is therefore evaluated thoroughly in terms of quality.

Since 100% manual production is employed each piece shaped and decorated by Lillie Ceramics is exclusive and unique, never completely identical to another piece. This uniqueness is an important part of the brand and does not in any way affect the quality of the piece.

Since stoneware clay is a raw material composed of natural elements and minerals there might occasionally be very minor impurities in the ceramic body that may affect the surface of the glaze, creating a very minor imperfection. This (rare) occurrence does not in any way affect the quality of the piece.

In the event that the highest standards of quality should not be provided, and this damage occurs after 15 days from reception, you are entitled to receive an exchange product free of charge.


Lillie Ceramics guarantees the continuously high standard of quality of each product sold through this website as long as you handle the product in a safe manner, meaning that you do not subject the product to unreasonable force of impact.

For tableware: The dishwasher and the microwave can be used on a daily basis without the ceramic body or glaze surface being damaged. The microwave may cause the product to become warm to the touch. If the particular product is not recommended for dishwasher or microwave, there is clear indication in the shop.

The products named “oven dish” can be used in the normal oven without damaging the quality.

Heating up the “oven dish” in connection to fire may however, due to the thermal shock involved, cause damage to the quality.


Lillie Ceramics guarantees that all products sold through this website are in compliance with the rules regarding ceramic products in contact with food, governed by the European Council Directive 84/500/EEC, later amended by the European Commission Directive 2005/31/EC.


When you make an order through www.lillieceramics.com the following personal order information is collected: your name, address, contact number and e-mail address. The order information you provide can, with your consent, be registered to a personal account. The order information given is used primarily for the specific reason of making your order and having the products delivered. 

For more information on how your personal information (device information) is collected, please see our Privacy Policy. 

The online e-commerce platform, through which this website is operated, is provided and powered by Shopify Inc. Your personal data is therefore stored through Shopify’s data storage, their databases and through the general Shopify application. For more information, please read Shopify’s Privacy Statement (https://www.shopify.com/legal/privacy).

Since Lillie Ceramics chooses to not enable automated payment in cooperation with third-party service providers via this website, we are therefore not responsible for how your personal data is used or stored when you make your payment transaction via preferred service provider.


Lillie Ceramics guarantees that any complaint regarding the products sold through this website is handled with the utmost care and according to governing Consumer Rights Directives. We guarantee to try to resolve any complaint to your satisfaction and without involving third parties. However, in case of unresolved dispute you can submit your complaint at www.livrodereclamações.pt or appeal to the Online Dispute Resolution platform, provided by the European Commission.