About Us

We are two sisters originally from the Finnish archipelago of the Aland Islands. In the northern hemisphere we worked for some inspiring ceramicists and acquired the technical know-how of the trade. One of us also acquired a 3-year formal degree in ceramic production at Formakademin in Sweden. Then, to our own surprise, we decided to leave those dark northern days and find ourselves a place in the sun! Our inner compass somehow led us to Madeira, a Portuguese subtropical island far out in the Atlantic Ocean in the very south west corner of Europe. Here we found an evergreen haven with lots to offer to creative souls like ours…
In 2017 we finally realised our dream since many years; to open our own pottery & shop on the island. Since then we are busy making ceramics in our workshop located in the historic part of Funchal, just a few steps behind the well-known Farmers' Market. With Madeira being a popular travel destination, we are very lucky to get visitors to our workshop from all around the world.
When asked if everything in our shop is made by hand we simply respond that "it just does not get any more handmade than this...", referring to the fact that we have a small workshop with no line of machines or employees to help us out.
We, the owners, are completely involved in the entire process from preparing the clay to throwing the pieces on the wheel, from decorating to loading the kiln with glazed ware for firing. After weeks of work we finally unload all the finished pieces (and by the way, we skipped many steps to spare you the reading!). 
May our ceramics convey lots of sunshine and joy to your life!
Sunny greetings,
Jenny Lillie & Lonny Lillie